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Alexander Liebau

ID: 861

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ID: 861
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Society today is facing a larger than ever pandemic which is changing the ways we go to stores, fast-food restaurants, and retail environments. Wearing gloves and a mask is just one solution to the prevention of the spread of COVID-19. But with more Retail companies following COVID-19 health complancies, we question how will these open spaces be impacted in the future? And The way we design space can solve this current issue. Now more than ever do people want a fun source to battle the hardships of everyday life with the current pandemic. The location of a Zen garden will provide guests with entertainment all while learning about a small sunglasses company. The composition of the garden will give guests a feeling of Zen and tranquility just as the sunglasses do.

Curvilinear designs in the sand will provide movement and Rhythm moving the guests through the space with ease. Non touch Display screens will inform guests about the product all while staying safe. Guests will also have the option of viewing the space on the main level or on a bridge allowing for separation of distance between people all while being able to enjoy the garden.  QR codes provided throughout will also allow guests to view the shop and the product safely from their own device. The outdoor garden will  give guests a fun experience about a product and can be safe while doing so.

Alexander LiebauAlexander LiebauAlexander LiebauAlexander Liebau

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