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Lauren N.

ID: 823

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ID: 823
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The new device is perfectly necessary because cleaning our food after so many people have touched it, at least in my household, is such a pain! We can find ourselves falling short and not motivated to clean our food as deeply as would be healthy. This way (even after coronavirus) you can avoid other bacteria and eat cleaner. After so thoroughly washing our food my family has now realized that we surely are going to continue after this pandemic as we see how much dirt that went unseen after a quick wash comes off of produce. In my diagram, the purple bars indicate waves of warm water, which increase the death rate of bacteria.

The blue bar is to cool the produce after the washing process, making it ready to eat at a more satisfying temperature. The propellers in the base release warm water, hence the purple cones, as well as a specific produce soap mixture that can be refilled through a single compartment on the side of the base, at the front of the machine. The dimensions of this machine can vary based on personal preference. The grey ¾ rings are flexible and hold items such as apples, squash, bananas, and pears. These firmer fruit will encounter the tall rotating soft bristle cylinders, similar to those in a car wash.

This machine is loaded from the bottom to the top. The lid is taken off of the top and the top shelf is removable. Many potential attachments, specific to certain produce items, are additional. This visual displays two berry dishes that clip onto the shelf, as well as a salad spinner. The salad spinner resembles one used for drying lettuce, but rather the bowl has its own flow of water and rounded propellor to release produced soap. After the cleaning process, the produce remains wet and can be dried by your method of choice. The top shelf has the tall rotating bristles for the firm fruits and vegetables, which clip down into the base, securing the shelf in place. The grey spirals are designed for carrots, asparagus, or celery perhaps to sit in. Propellers are located directly under these holders.

This machine can be easily installed in any kitchen and prevents the spread of germs through food, which is touched by hundreds of other people before you ingest it. During the COVID-19 pandemic, officials have recommended that all food be thoroughly washed. As another step of precaution, this device will be extremely important. Furthermore, on a daily basis, despite our now changed grocery routines, eating clean food is always beneficial to your health. The dimensions of this kitchen installation, at its smallest, is 16 inches in height and 12 inches in width.

Lauren N.Lauren N.Lauren N.Lauren N.

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