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Mehak Kumar & Devanshi Daga.

ID: 614

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ID: 614
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Brand X is a subscription box packaging for medicines among the elderly. We first brainstormed on the different possibilities to add value to a subscription box, amongst those we finalized into designing a box for the target audience with age group of 65+. While the aging process is different for everyone, it happens to everyone. Poor eyesight and a loss of strength and dexterity are common in seniors and are important to keep in mind while designing packaging. Older people shop with more loyalty. They stick with quality and 30% of seniors don’t bother experimenting to find a new brand. Catering to the older groups actually helps to design packaging for all age groups. Considering all the ideas, we went ahead and thought to design the medicine packaging for the elderly. Observations from our research have shown that the main problems faced by them were forgetting to take medicine, too many medicine creates cognitive load and confusion as to which one to take and when, tight covers, possible chance of spilling, they recognize colour visuals easily, medicine packs have small texts making it harder to read and difficult to identify medicine. Studying into circular design, our main focus was design for adaptability. Our aim was to create a packaging which is minimal , easy to manufacture ,easy to access, easy to open, easy on the eyes and easy to remember which medicine to take and when along with material properties such as ability to recycle it. Our study also showed that subscription boxes are made to feel personalized and help a user connect with it more easily. Brand X helps to see one medicine after the other. After every meal, it is personalized according to our medications needs. Pull and see a day’s medicine, specified to a particular timing. Pop out to get medicine from the dotted lines for the specific timing and never worry about forgetting to miss out on a medication. The form creates negative space to create a storage for medicine. The material used to create this packaging is high quality paperboard (SBS).The manufacturing process used is laser cutting the board and attaching them together to finish the form. (Includes embossing on paper as well).While looking at design aspects, we made a handful of templates describing ‘how to use/open the box, what medicines are packed inside the box, what day to take the medicines and at what hour’. To enhance the user experience, every detail is researched and thoughtfully placed. Sections are created to clarify identification with a minimal approach.

Mehak Kumar & Devanshi Daga.Mehak Kumar & Devanshi Daga.Mehak Kumar & Devanshi Daga.Mehak Kumar & Devanshi Daga.

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