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Emma Cyphert

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ID: 611
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Overview: The Bella Vita Box design allows the box to blossom into a brightly colored flower upon opening and is made with recycled cardboard and paper that is infused with flower seeds. Who is this box for? The Bella Vita Box was created with a mental health subscription in mind. This subscription service would provide customers with products such as affirmation journals, aromatherapy, happiness activities, tea bags, etc. This company is focused on creating moments of joy for their customer to encourage better mental health. How does this box design relate back to the company? The Bella Vita Box is designed to boost mental health with bright, recycled packaging and fun design to bring joy. How is the box sustainable?1.) The Bella Vita Box is made from 100% recycled cardboard that has been infused with flower seeds. Using recycled cardboard which only takes “75% of the energy needed to make new cardboard” and “every ton of cardboard recycled saves 46 gallons of oil” making recycled cardboard a very sustainable option. (Recycle Across America) Recycled Cardboard is also combined with recycled paper which maximizes the recycling opportunity. 2.) The practice of infusing flower seeds into cardboard is to encourage customers to plant the box in soil pots and garden beds, ultimately returning the cardboard to the earth in a safe and natural way. Farmers have been using cardboard in garden beds for decades to keep seeds warm during germination. 3.) In the pattern cutting process, scraps waste can be taken and immediately recycled into new cardboard for more boxes. 4.) The Bella Vita Box was redesigned from a circular box to a square box to remove almost all use of tapes or glues. The box top folds into itself and can be easily secured upon the box bottom with one strip of tape. No harmful glues needed. How easily can the box be manufactured? Recycled cardboard is easily and commonly manufactured across the U.S. making it easy to procure for production. As for the design of the box, the square shape allows for easy pattern cutting and folding. How much will this box cost to make? The use of recycled cardboard in the Bella Vita Design makes it a low-cost choice for brands. Recycled cardboard can be used over and over without losing its strength. The prototype type was made with one sheet of recycled cardboard and cost less than 75 cents to make. This cost will go down considerably when manufactured on a large scale. How is the box innovative?The Bella Vita Box has 3 key innovative qualities1.) The design of the box turning into a flower allows for a new and exciting unboxing experience. 2.) The way the box folds into itself minimizes the use of tape and glues while the square shape minimizes damage in shipping. 3.) The Bella Vita Box encourages consumers to recycle while improving their mental health because when we are bettering ourselves, the earth should be bettered too.

Emma CyphertEmma CyphertEmma CyphertEmma Cyphert

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