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Laszlo Andahazy & Eva Pernesz

ID: 609

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ID: 609
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Our developement has been based on the product range of biocosmetics used in the monthly routine. They are made from various herbs often occurring as ornamentals. Started from this fact our goal was to design a box that informs people about the herbs furthermore offers a good opportunity to recycle itself.The inside of the top of the box serves as the information surface. From the point of view of the distributor of the product, the brief description about the „herb of the month” is the least disturbing here. Additional plant care tips are shown by pictograms. On the other side you can read the recycling process of the box:• 1st. use the Box for storage or• 2nd. fill the Box with soil mixed with straw and plant your seeds or rip the Box and compost it !• 3th. grow your plant and use this Box lid as a saucer• 4th. if your plant has grown, plant it together with the Box ...... and the cardboard Box and saucer both decompose in 2 weeksThe separate box lid makes it more convenient to use the box as a container. Simple colors, graphics and typography that combine natural style with elegance characterize the appearance of the box.It’s important that the material of the box can be composted at home (for many materials this is only possible under industrial conditions). It may be surprising, the cardboard in the boxes decomposes in two weeks in home composting.For plant growing the box has to be waterproofed. The solution for this is a biodegradable inner waterproof coating (existing technology). The top of the box can also be used as a flower tray.The box is filled with real straw – instead of paper straw – that protects the products from crushing and gives off a pleasant smell. The box also contains a package of seeds and planting soil if required.If the box is no longer used to store the ordered products, the straw should be chopped, mixed with the soil and filled into the box. The seeds should be sown in it. Once our plant has strengthened we can plant it in the garden along with the box. The cadboard box degrades quickly in the ground, the waterproof coating does it slower but the roots grow unimpeded through it. The life cycle of the box is one or two months, so the products to be packed in it must also adapt to this.

Laszlo Andahazy & Eva PerneszLaszlo Andahazy & Eva PerneszLaszlo Andahazy & Eva PerneszLaszlo Andahazy & Eva Pernesz

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