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Ömer Taha Döver

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ID: 608
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The situation surrounding dairy is messy and polarizing. Some believe milk should come only from a cow, and some are exclusively consuming milk alternatives, the so-called “plant-based drinks”. Then there is a third group: the “in-between,” the not-quite-vegan but still wants lattes with almond milk. The majority of consumers are in neither of the extremes but in this grey area, yet the current range of products and services are geared towards these extremes.Introducing Milkuality, a milk subscription box. What Milkuality believes in is simple: no milk is the alternative of another milk, consumers can make choices without being labeled or associated with anything, and milk is redefined as an umbrella term encompassing a wide variety of liquid products. "Milk democracy" is the motto, all producers of milk, industry giant or niche brands, have the right to access a platform where they can reach consumers with their products and start a conversation.Milkuality is easy to explain to someone familiar with subscription boxes: each month you receive a box with one full-size milk bottle that you can customize (or let the Milkuality team choose for your profile) and four other items that have milk as an ingredient, so it could be anything from food items like cheeses and spreads but also beauty products like creams and serums, thus overall encompassing the wellness market.Each customer receives a “Blind Tasting Kit,” a set of five different kinds of milk that they try without knowing what they are. Then they rate and review these anonymous milk types, and the team curates the boxes they will receive. At any point, they can log on to the website to learn more about the products, they can learn about the producers and stories behind them. They can also rate, which will further personalize the experience. By setting up the experience with a blind tasting, it breaks the bias down towards certain milk products, allowing consumers to consume certain products without the fear of being labeled or stigmatized. Anyone can try anything; this mindset would allow new ideas to flourish. A fun and quirky design language was preferred for the branding of Milkuality. The text copy was created to be tongue in cheek and ironic. While the overall vibe is entertaining, the choice of having high-end visuals gives the feeling of classiness. The logo was derived from a bubbly, round, and full script font, that has a hand-drawn feel and is reminiscent of vintage milk bottles and dairy branding.The way we define things is a direct reflection of how we feel about those things. Thus, defining is an important aspect of culture, it shows the fundamental quality of everything around us. Milkuality, from the very beginning, redefines the notion of “milk”. The way Milkuality defines milk is “a liquid, mostly white, opaque, delicious drink”. This definition does not indicate the source, it could be a cow, a goat, a soy farm, a coconut tree, etc. Thus, by redefining, it reshapes some sentiments in culture.

Ömer Taha DöverÖmer Taha DöverÖmer Taha DöverÖmer Taha Döver

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