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Hajrah Kazmi

ID: 607

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ID: 607
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My design is targeted to pregnant mothers. Every month a new subscription box would be sent to them with products which would help relax them during their pregnancy. Such as, teabags, information on how their baby is developing and healthy snacks.I talked to some potential clients and asked them if they would find this product useful. I generally found that some pregnant mothers feel overwhelmed and confused during their pregnancy. So I thought if there was a box that they knew would be with them throughout the pregnancy and keep them informed of how their baby should be developing, they would feel more connected to their baby. As the box will have products to help improve the mothers mental health and unwind.The box is supposed to look simplistic while also having the signature cow print. I used pastel blue and yellow as I think these colours represent my theme quite well. However I think the logo could be bigger, brighter and bolder.The box is supposed to be small so it can fit in a post box so it is easy to deliver. However this means it would be harder to put products in the box. So I think I would have to make it bigger. However This might mean that it won't fit the postbox.This product would be made more sustainable as the box would be made out of thick fibreboard. This would mean it could be reused. So when the client is in their first month, they would then post the box back to the company and the next month's product would be posted back to them. Then at the end of their pregnancy they also get to keep the box for their baby.The box would cost roughly £20-25 and the products would have to be high quality, this would make other people want to buy it and for customers to return. This would allow there to be a reasonable amount of products inside the box and perhaps in the last box there could be a surprise extra product for free.The product would be mass manufactured. It would then be repackaged so wouldn't require any additional production. The products inside my box would have to improve their mental health. There could be little books or leaflets on what is going on with their baby. Different kids of moisturiser, nail polishes and bath bombs. I was also thinking of adding some different kinds of sweet and chocolates. There could also be some toys for the baby in the later months.There could be a follow up package for when the baby is born. This could help the mother still feel special and may help calming their nervesI think that this is a good solution to the problem mothers are facing. It is innovative and prevents mothers getting too worried, stressed out and out of the loop. They would also have access to information and where to get further information so they won't have to be looking around.

Hajrah KazmiHajrah KazmiHajrah KazmiHajrah Kazmi

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