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Ng Chun Yao

ID: 605

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ID: 605
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Razor kit is designed for beginners especially teenagers (16 – 21 ages) who have no any experience on the use of shavers. Shavers are designed for easy use so it is ideal for beginners as a complete user guide has been provided on the use of their shavers. The design of razor kit focuses on zero-waste swaps and durability in mind.Razor kit is made of corrugated cardboard with round shape. The idea of round shape come from the characteristic of bamboo. Inner designed as hanging rack for easy storage. There is one stainless steel razor with single blaze, cotton buds and a brush.Razor is made of sustainably bamboo handle with one single blaze made from stainless steel. Bamboo is a symbol of strength, flexibility and sustainability. It can be used for a long-time. Stainless steel is strength, durability and resistance. It can be melted to be reused and repurposed without any less in quality. Cotton buds are made of bamboo stick and paper glue. A brush with bamboo handle can remove hair from razor blade perfectly. All products are eco-friendly materials, hence it will be suitable for customers to support the movement of an eco-friendly world.Razor kit is completely plastic free packaging. It is perfectly an eco-friendly gift for beginners of shaving.

Ng Chun YaoNg Chun YaoNg Chun YaoNg Chun Yao

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