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Angela Buck

ID: 602

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ID: 602
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SIMPLE GUIDED DIY AT HOME PROTEST SIGN BUILD FROM SHIP & SUBSCRIPTION BOX This is a concept that takes any legit sustainable self grooming item, from bamboo hair-brushes, to shampoo, shower body brush, slippers, etc, and packages it for the sustainable and very eco-conscious Millennial or Gen Z student.The idea is to simply make use (up/re-cycle the top of the shipping box) through a simple DIY (directed) approach, by attaching a vertical portion of the smaller subscription box to make it into a homespun, yet powerful protest sign. With Greta’s Fridays for the Future movement not stopping anytime soon and likely just growing in support. Students around the world will often be posting protest selfies of them and their protest sign that fights against Global Warming.Via an App, customers of Company S (for Sustainable) can pre choose a Researched Environmental Fact or Message that really resonates and educates. This involves and rewards the customer for their habits and makes use of the boxes that typically are discarded. There is an option that the message could already be written for you, but likely better to have a lot of sign-space specific FACTS that could be easily translated on to the space provided through the materials used in shipping.

Angela BuckAngela BuckAngela BuckAngela Buck

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