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Sammie Halem

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ID: 600
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Inspired by the need for a zero waste product, Rooted revolutionizes the subscription box with 100% decomposable and reusable packaging. Packaging waste from the cosmetics industry is responsible for the loss of over 18 million acres of forest every year. Beauty and wellness subscription boxes not only use wasteful packaging, but the products inside also contain toxins that end up in oceans and have detrimental effects on the aquatic ecosystem. As a new standard for sustainability in the beauty and wellness subscription box space, Rooted uses circular design to reuse the packaging of its cosmetic products. Every month, Rooted ships cruelty-free, environmentally-friendly beauty products in a mycelium flower pot along with a bag of seeds that vary every month. Once the products are removed from the pot, the consumer can then plant the seeds and watch their plant grow until new seeds are shipped the next month. Mycelium is a new, innovative packaging material that is water resistant and can compost in the soil in 30 days, eliminating the need for a composting facility. Therefore, once the consumer receives a new box the next month, they can simply break up the flower pot and compost it in any soil. To further minimize waste, the cardboard package that the flower pot is shipped in has a barcode on the inside that links to a website where the consumer can learn more about the products and how to maintain the plant. This eliminates any paper that describes the products in the box by making everything but the products digital. Thus, from the cardboard box to the flowerpot, every material is decomposable and/or reusable. Let’s get back to the roots.

Sammie HalemSammie HalemSammie HalemSammie Halem

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