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Alexander Gatash, Oleksandr Hatash

ID: 436

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ID: 436
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Does feel in this image the Paris? This is the main question that I asked myself in the process of creating this image. I think that we must partly keep the style, but do not repeat what was before one to one. Therefore, to return the roof, but at the same time to make the mansard and the terrace, it seems to me it will be modern and at the same time it is not too arguing with the existing environment. It seems to me that this should be ascetic to some extent, but not conservative. Not too entertaining, but it would be seemed as if it was an attempt to create a beauty.Modernity should be manifested in what decision was made, and not in what style techniques are used by the architects of the era.Dark metal is visually correlated with stained-glass windows in composition that looks like a dark area on the outside. Bright metal corresponds to the stone of the main material of the Cathedral.

Alexander Gatash, Oleksandr HatashAlexander Gatash, Oleksandr HatashAlexander Gatash, Oleksandr HatashAlexander Gatash, Oleksandr Hatash

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