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Ghada Khamis

ID: 426

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ID: 426
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Design BriefWith unity comes strength and power. The idea is to portray the divinity of the great Medieval Catholic Cathedral that stood the test of time through the spiraling, infinite form of the whirl pool. The main element inspiring my design is the whirl pool as it has no beginning and no end, hence a representation of power, sacrality and infinite strength. The tower is designed of two structures intertwined together in a spiraling form. One structure is constructed of glass panels in a steel frame and the other structure is cladded with GRC panels. The contrast in materials of the two structures represent duality that is the core of everything in life. The roofing structure design is inspired by the waves of the ocean that ignite a whirl pool. Those waves are represented through the undulating curves of the roofing structure that are parametrically designed of small pyramidical units that are to be cladded with solar panels to achieve an environmentally friendly design. Other environmental aspects include, the use of recycled and reused construction materials. Recycling does not only save the environment but it will also save budget in the construction process which is anticipated to be costly. Functionally speaking the roof is to serve as a school for artists, architects and innovators to come, get inspired and exercise their creativity in the marvelous roof top view of Paris. After all what could be a better inspiration than the roof top of the Notre Dame Cathedral overlooking the Romantic City. The open, accessible roof is made to serve the society, bringing people together and creating room for free, accessible educational and social activity that is open to the public. The 3D shot featuring a close up of the roof shows that the accessible roof is occupied with trees, plantations and various seating spaces where artists, architects and anyone in the public is free to contemplate, learn, practice and produce work in the serenity of the Romantic city. The new design of the spire and roof is meat to bring people closer together, to ease their stress and above all to serve the people. In a world where we are all so busy, it’s a place where you can sit, take a break and take in the beauty of the sacred Medieval Catholic Cathedral with its surrounding context. Ghada Khamis

Ghada KhamisGhada KhamisGhada KhamisGhada Khamis

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