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Cristian Patricio Len Moreno

ID: 414

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ID: 414
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Heaven on EarthThe fire that illuminated and purified Notre-Dame was the return to the origin, the first and purest of the elements that make us as a Universe, manifested in water managed to save your home, turning a cross vault into ashes, blessed us and remember that it is time to rise in Aquarius.At the rhythm of renewing energy, explodes from the Atlantic side an arm of the river Sena, which flows through a vortex turbine (Turbulent), using the natural principle for its continuous and renewable operation. This spiral of life is the start-up of an electric power plant based on two copper cylinders (steel foundations on rock in order to capture electromagnetic energy), water elevators and eight Francis hydro turbines (General Electric) receive the flow coming from the tops of both towers, express the triumph of the light over the darkness and that reinforces in the interior when discovering the lateral naves with solar glass, conserved their ribs that point to the top between white grape vines.Heaven is the Gothic purpose, only the coronation was missing to reach it. For this the project inspired by the principles of equality and fraternity recognizes as its own the Chartres spire, configures the trinity, preserves and values the original model of the central needle, glorifying the cross pinnacles. It is consulted its construction in factory, a structure of laminated radiata pine (Hilam) from sustainable forests, both coated gilded as a sign of protection and unity with the alloy that coins to the Euro.The abundance of this noble metal makes it the conductor of the new current that illuminates, cleans and connects as visitors as Paris, it makes sense to be the light city at last. At the level of the main floor the pillars of the central nave, transept and cruise are wrapped in Cooper (Codelco), in a sign of progress and development they fuse in contact with people and if is embraced peace delivery. In all this sign the ogive vaults are made of stainless steel (like the central needle wrapped), in contrast the gilded ribs fall from the heights in copper-zinc-nickel alloy. Over this resplendent awaits us the longed for sky, which was inert matter and forest of darkness, now houses lights, servers, clouds (Data Lake), a router that serves us to interconnect networks of computers and free Internet access to Wifi (Antenna Rocket M2) on the island of La Cite, together with a Blue Gene computer (IBM) allow the application software (App Tere) to work, who is the guide of the faithful, in parallel software for electric generators and the citizenship. This vast technological support is sustain by a transverse beam, divine providence the eye that sees everything, there are two, celestial sculptures, above by a helicoidal ramp, the geodesic roof receives a green copper roof with Liz flowers, which blesses the rain and take it to your forehead from the Garden of Eden.

Cristian Patricio Len MorenoCristian Patricio Len MorenoCristian Patricio Len MorenoCristian Patricio Len Moreno

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