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Behdad Dadgostar

ID: 388

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ID: 388
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After the catastrophic fire that happened to Notre-Dame Cathedral, which causes devastation of its entire roof, spiral, and other severe damages, the design or renovation of the damaged part of this monument became at the center of discussion. As a non-french architect, who had the chance to see Paris and Notre-Dame Cathedral, this building is more than a typical landmark. This is a monument full of memories and symbols of France and Paris. A building which many elites, like Victor Hugo, had described it in their stories and poems. This building reminds something special for each person and almost everyone around the world heard about the reputation of the Notre-Dame Cathedral. The history and architecture of this building astonish many people around the world as a tourist attraction. This is a building which is one of the old symbols of Paris because of that, presenting and showing the history of it for the next generations is vital.In my opinion, it is a fundamental issue to design something new to display what happened to this splendid cathedral. As the first step, to design the destroyed roof and spiral, I think there should be a component that makes this building more magnificent, eye-catching and a reminder of what happened to this historical building on display. The design represents the differentiation of history between the existed alternative and the initial building. For me, the clouds of smoke are something that reminds us of the fire incident. Therefore, the main concept of the design is inspired by the clouds of smoke. This is a surface that represents the story of the cathedral's burning and leaves an impact on its history permanently. The roof, which looks like clouds of smoke, contributes to a new definition of the spirit of this place and a new symbol for Paris. The symbol that is a reminder of a historical catastrophe. The spiral structure that is almost identical to the primary design is made out of steel beams and glass. The surface is titanium with the limestone patterns that not only give the building stunning facade but it also emerges as a gem in the city.

Behdad DadgostarBehdad DadgostarBehdad DadgostarBehdad Dadgostar

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