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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Victoria Klassen

ID: 362

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ID: 362
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Notre-Dame CathedralDesign Competition At a first glance the glass and metal made roof seems to float. The shape of the roof construction form a street view resembles that of angel’s wings. The glass construction can from the inside and outside be used at will to project light (lightshows), images and video. It’s a lively and expressive. The spire will be rebuild with glass and steal. The use of these materials is more environmentally friendly and less incendiary. From top view the shape of a crucifix is still very clear, but it also symbolizes a scale where the visitors weights their religious and spiritual views and everyday life in modern times and the possibilities it offers. Along the centre of the building the spase roof over the nave projects time-like-wise visual and interactive information about the history of the Notre Dame. The founding, the construction, used materials and the building- and restoration-activities until present day. The perimeter of the roof contains open air rooftop walkway. Visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Paris and the river Seine. The space above the south side (right) of the transept is devoted to religion, and the Holy Bible in particular. The interior design reminds visitors of the Garden of Eden. The forms, the shapes and furniture show biblical and natural elements like trees plants, fruits, humans and all kinds of animals. Natural materials are used. The visitors can read, hear and see more about religion, Christianity and the Holy Bible (visual and interactive). This room is about spiritual life. The north space (left) is devoted to modernism, technology, progress and innovation of mankind is an innovation hub. The interior furnishes are designed by modern designers/artists. Here visitors can learn more about the achievements of science, inventions, medicine research and how modern day technology influences our daily lives. You also obtain here information over current and future issues people have to deal with, like climate change, vaccination, the energy gap and the global food shortage. This room is about logic and the practical application of modern day technology.

Victoria KlassenVictoria KlassenVictoria KlassenVictoria Klassen

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