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Alexandre Fantozzi & Juliana Carvalho

ID: 355

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ID: 355
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The Renewal of “The Notre-Dame of Paris Cathedral”Religion above all, nothing else. Our proposal for the renewal of “The Notre-Dame of Paris Cathedral" is to rebuild the entire roof with the single most significant Gothic architectural feature, Stained Glass. The idea is to take advantage of this precious element with the benefits of modern high-tech processes. The entire reconstructed roof will be made of Stained Glass, including the spire. This will provide a transparent and illumination into the inner sanctuary of the cathedral. In Gothic architecture, Stained Glass signifies the extraordinary connection between earth and heaven. In the main sanctuary, sunlight and natural light will shine brightly through the colored Stained Glass, showing beautifully designed images with scripted bible passages. With the structural compromise of the vaults, we can open them and let the natural light come in. This illumination is of enormous importance to the Gothic. It is that gives the real meaning of the Stained Glass, allowing the connection of the external environment with the internal, creating different lights and shadows every moment of the day. At night, the interior lighting becomes a large backlit cover and can be seen from any point in the Île de La Cité. From above the cathedral, we will have a large Gothic Stained Glass cross. The true splendor of light is materialized. The Stained Glass is the only element used. Our proposal is without any extravagant architectural features, without elements of intervention ("redesign"), without architects' ego and without modernist artistic aspirations. We believe that all the characteristics of the cathedral must be respected, and especially the significance of it to the French and Catholics. We think inwardly, not only about the exterior. We believe that the greatest concept of this restoration is the interior, religious and spiritual meaning and reflection. The Stained Glass is the connecting element to the past, to the history of the cathedral, to the Gothic, to the present and to the future. Having such a large dimension in Stained Glass could be accomplishing today what could not be done in the past. “The Notre-Dame of Paris Cathedral " is of great French historical heritage. It is a patrimony of all Catholics and Humanity. Giving the cathedral a Stained Glass roof, in a way, is a coronation for this monument. Therefore our project is called: "The Divine Crown" ("La Couronne Divine"). Whatever the choice of this restoration, may God enlighten the Notre-Dame, the Virgin Mary, and preferably with a Stained Glass cover: "La Couronne Divine". Amen. Alexandre Fantozzi

Alexandre Fantozzi & Juliana CarvalhoAlexandre Fantozzi & Juliana CarvalhoAlexandre Fantozzi & Juliana CarvalhoAlexandre Fantozzi & Juliana Carvalho

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