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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Hikmatyar Abdul Aziz

ID: 332

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ID: 332
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Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most iconic building in the world that now are facing big challenge to survive. The fire tragedy almost destroyed its roof structure. It becomes a hard work for architects and planners to re-design the building with taking care of its history and looking at new context for the future. Another challenge is to optimize Thermowood as main material to make Notre Dame as strong message of sustainability and re-imagine its new identity. This proposal tries to transform Notre Dame roof plan becomes communal space, Eden Garden, a new urban park that integrate landscape with social activities. The garden pattern is inspired by general site plan of the Palais-Royal by Francois d’Orbay in 1692. This pattern accommodates different programs and bring rich space qualities which attract people to go up and enjoy city panorama from the roof garden.

Hikmatyar Abdul AzizHikmatyar Abdul AzizHikmatyar Abdul AzizHikmatyar Abdul Aziz

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