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Marat Zakirov

ID: 317

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ID: 317
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The main idea of my project is to restore the cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris in its historical form before the fire, as the whole world remembered it, with a high observation tower and a main spire. Attic has been added to the project instead of a burnt roof. The general view of the attic preserves and continues on a small scale the historic design of the cathedral - spiers, stained-glass windows and new sculptures that show prominent personalities from the history of France. This symbolizes the revival of the cathedral in a new form, and the inviolability of faith in God. The similarity of the attic with the royal crown reminds us that many French kings were crowned in the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral.Attic will be used as a new room for the needs of the cathedral. All elements of the roof - spiers and sculptures have a gilded coating, not only as protection from precipitation, but also adds solemnity to the cathedral, and looks very beautiful in the spotlight in the evening against a dark sky. The roof glittering with “gold” in the sun, statues of saints, angels, and the spiers of the cathedral will be visible very far from all the places of observation of Paris.Note - The sketch of a part of attic is not an exact copy and is shown only as an example.

Marat ZakirovMarat ZakirovMarat ZakirovMarat Zakirov

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