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Rob Winspeare

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ID: 304
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The proposed SPIRE is comprised of a pedestal consisting of 5 No. octagonal sections giving a total height of 30 metres and 4 No. main Spire sections with an assembled height of 54 metres increasing the total height to 84 metres. The main SPIRE is outflanked by a pair of 66 metre high ‘Twin Spires’ (one on either side) symbolizing the two spires previously lost.The PEDESTAL is designed to showcase the Bronze statues of the 12 Apostles, which were on the previous SPIRE. Within the pedestal it is proposed the fitment of an access ladder from the First Level up to the Fifth Level for the purpose of access for Statue Cleaning. Thus eliminating the necessity for removal.The SPIRE will be designed so that it can be raised and lowered initially to allow for the assembly of the SPIRE sections and for future programmed maintenance eg. Inspection and Recoating, thus eliminating extreme working height access.The construction of the SPIRE to be of Bamboo Tubular Sections and Bamboo Glulam Beams which will involve no metal parts. All joints will connected with the use of internal and/or external bamboo sockets and bamboo dowel pins.The ROOF will be constructed with Bamboo Glulam Support Beams and Roof Trusses on which prefabricated panels of Bamboo Spanish Style roof tiles will be pre-assembled and coated for fire resistance.What is my case for using Bamboo as the main construction material for the rebuild of the NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL SPIRE and ROOF?Bamboo, a sustainable material like true wood, is a natural composite material with a high strength-to-weight ratio useful for structures. Bamboo has a higher compressive strength than wood, brick or concrete with a tensile strength that rivals steel. Oldest Bamboo Constructed BuildingBamboo has been used as a construction material dating back to the year 600AD. The oldest Bamboo structure in the world being Horyuji Temple Complex in Japan. Even after a fire the Temple was rebuilt using Bamboo as the Construction material in 700AD. 26 No. other buildings in the complex were built before 800AD.Tallest Bamboo Constructed Building The tallest Bamboo structure in the world is the 51-meter high St. Vincent Ferrer. Constructed of Engineered Bamboo it was unveiled on April 5,2019 in Dagupan City, Philippines.World’s Largest Constructed DomeBamboo was used for the structural members of the India Pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai. The pavilion is the world’s largest Bamboo dome, 34 metres in diameter, with Bamboo Beams/Members. Material ProtectionIn addition to being pretreated to exterminate infestation all Bamboo elements shall be coated with a Polyurea based Flame Retarded Paint Product. This product was originally formulated for the use of forming a barrier on radiation contaminated materials and has been found to have excellent Fire Retarding Properties. As it has a curing time of 35-50 seconds the application will be made during the assembly stage of the operation, thus ensuring total encapsulation.Periodic re-coating if required is where lowering the SPIRE would be an advantage.

Rob WinspeareRob WinspeareRob WinspeareRob Winspeare

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