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Mbonloung Tadomfo & Roch Turin

ID: 1453

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ID: 1453
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The dreams:  A second life

Living Is a demand for freedom, a duty of humanity, a constant struggle with ordinary barbarism. Living is like a dreamlike breath that envelops and transports us.
Our project aims to design a living space by advocating local materials and integrating the beauty of a simple design with bioclimatic solutions. The layout of the house is on the outskirts of a forest, which will also serve as a place of tranquility, meditation, the house is designed on a wooden space that serves as a floating support, the bridge being made of wood and supported by piles, the shape of the building is a deformed sphere that is a shell made of wood, the material
The material wood was chosen because it is a bio sourced and recyclable material to give the material a second life.
All this is achieved with a design that is not only cheap to build but also adaptable to the different needs that arise.
The interior is composed of a living room, a kitchen and a mezzanine where there is a sleeping area and a shower, all spread over a surface of thirty-six square meters.

Mbonloung Tadomfo & Roch TurinMbonloung Tadomfo & Roch TurinMbonloung Tadomfo & Roch TurinMbonloung Tadomfo & Roch Turin

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