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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Deepanshi Choudhary & Mohit Kumar

ID: 1225

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ID: 1225
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Samsara is considered to be unsatisfactory and painful, perpetuated by desire and ignorance, and the resulting karma, This clearly tells us about our ignorance towards the mother earth. It was because of our karma that we went through this time and took birth in the form of a new beginning after the pandemic, however the pain is endless till we die.

The site chosen has a potential as it lies on the bank of the Yamuna river. Behind the site lies the famous Majnu ka Tilla. It's famous for its north indian delicacies and the little shops that sell small handicrafts.Towards the right is the famous signature bridge that was inaugurated just last year and is a famous spot for the locals and tourists to visit. People get a clear view of the site from the signature bridge and it is a plus point.

The concept of the monument is based on the wheel of life. It has the Ashok chakra in the middle which symbolises the wheel that our heroes kept on moving during the pandemic.There are four statues surrounding and holding the chakra depicting the sheer will and strength of our unsung heroes(statues represent the doctors,the workers,the police and the Indian army).Surrounding them is a round structure that represents them being trapped inside the Virus and how they daily put their lives at risk.The built structure is based on a radial-concentric design.It provides a natural sense of unity.

Journey starts from entering a cave which narrows down midway depicting the mental pressure people had to undergo during the lockdown.It slowly widens towards the end marking the end of lockdown.The walls have small openings on the corner for the sunlight,It symbolises the little hope we had in ourselves during the pandemic.The walls of the cave hold the stories of the world during the pandemic and depicts the hardships faced by our heroes.It slowly unfolds revealing the tall structure which has a circular gallery holding the memories of our unsung heroes during pre covid and post covid era.

The monument rests on top of the structure.The stairs symbolise the journey through the pandemic and slowly unveils itself showing the monument. The walls running beside the stairs have the names of the heroes engraved on them that died doing their selfless duty.It gives the people a sense of how difficult the journey was for our heroes.Their duty was of paramount importance.

The landscaping around the stairs depicts our nature's journey throughout the pandemic and how it healed itself during the nationwide lockdown.On reaching the top of the structure the people lock their views on the monument and the beautiful view of the Yamuna river and signature bridge.The signature bridge and the monument forms a connection as the bridge symbolises a joining hand,which depicts the service of our unsung heroes.As people make their way out they carry with them the essence of the whole journey during the pandemic and the respect for the heroes.

Deepanshi Choudhary & Mohit KumarDeepanshi Choudhary & Mohit KumarDeepanshi Choudhary & Mohit KumarDeepanshi Choudhary & Mohit Kumar

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