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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Son Van Huynh

ID: 1185

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ID: 1185
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This proposal is entitled Memory Rings.

The proposition is composed of 12 posts positioned to form a circle. The significance of the number 12 rests with its relation to time (such as there being 12 segments on the face of a clock, 12 hours in the ante meridiem cycle, 12 hours in the post meridiem cycle, and 12 months in a year) and the uncertainty of the length of time that the pandemic will endure. In the day, it is a structure, a landmark that rests anywhere on our planet. The height of the posts is roughly 5 m tall. In plan, the ring can be as small as 5m or as large as 5km in diameter. Like the corona virus that has stricken our world, the Memory Ring does not know of political borders and does not discern religion or culture. In its purity, it has neither front nor back. It simply delineates a space for reflection. It is unbiased and blind. It is artifact and experience - enduring and ephemeral.

In the evening, the posts that have harnessed the solar energy throughout the day will have its tips alight - forming a constellation-like form on earth that answers-back to the stars in the sky. It is a universal symbol that is designed to remind us of a pandemic that has affected everyone. This memorial reclaims the circular shape associated with the virus itself, our social circle and our physical circle of interaction. This memorial entry for the lives lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic challenges declarative monuments, and instead, offers a space for contemplation. It is robust and austere but quietly whispers its message of solace and remembrance.

Son Van HuynhSon Van HuynhSon Van HuynhSon Van Huynh

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