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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Aqdas Ali, Mubeen Akbar, Mahzaib Rehman, & Zoufishan Mumtaz

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ID: 1156
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COVID-19 being a disaster for this planet, which turned everyone’s life upside down. It didn’t leave anybody’s life untouched and everyone was affected whether that be mentally or physically.
During this pandemic everyone was in depression, frustration and disturbed. It felt like you are ill without being ill in real.
An unknown barrier was created among the people which was unseen but only felt. It’s like a sharp cactus plant which can harm anybody who gets closer to it.
This pandemic has its own different impacts on everyone’s lives. As Shakespeare mentions in “The Seven Ages of Man” (All the world’s a stage) that these 7 stages really matter in every person’s life. And this pandemic effected all ages of people whether those be infants, schoolboys, teenagers, youngsters, middle or old or extremely old agers.
If there is a negative impact about something, it also has a positive impact which is as essential as negative because it gives the hope to survive that time.
One of positive impacts of this pandemic is that the earth was in peace, it was taking its fresh breathes. It was being what it was supposed to be and was taking its original shape because the way how we humans treat our planet, we are taking it to the worst conditions.
Another positive impact was, that people were spending their quality time with their loved ones which they were not able to spend before lockdown. And also creating time for what they want to do but didn’t get time because of their schedules.
One of many of the negative impacts of this pandemic was that everyone lost a dear one, whether that be a neighbor, friend or family. Everyone is left with a void.
To feel their existence around us and remember them, we are going to design a memorial park.
This park includes square concrete blocks of different heights which creates a depression when people pass from them and they lead them through seven paths by experiencing a cactus plants enclosed in a cylindrical glass to show the harmfulness and effects of covid-19.
The seven paths have four trees between them which depict the cycle of a covid affected person that how a well-nourished and healthy person gets effected abruptly and gradually loses its strength and faces death.
These paths lead people to an underground dark space which shows their lost hope and the only hope is a light entering from the void, penetrating through the branches and leaves of the tree and helps them to regain their lost hope by lighting up the whole space and leading them to a wide and open space where “The tower of tribute” is designed for the front line heroes who faced this pandemic with a great courage and tried their best to save lives through fighting against it unitedly.

Aqdas Ali, Mubeen Akbar, Mahzaib Rehman, & Zoufishan MumtazAqdas Ali, Mubeen Akbar, Mahzaib Rehman, & Zoufishan MumtazAqdas Ali, Mubeen Akbar, Mahzaib Rehman, & Zoufishan MumtazAqdas Ali, Mubeen Akbar, Mahzaib Rehman, & Zoufishan Mumtaz

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