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Covid-19 Community Memorial Design Competition

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Zarraga Leonel & Velazquez Cristopher

ID: 1120

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ID: 1120
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Throughout history, humanity has faced different adversities, which always make us remember how fleeting our existence is and how fragile life could be.
Taking its place in “El nevado de Toluca” the memorial was created in order to commemorate all the victims of COVID-19, all those people that have been affected by this health crysis.
Respiro arises from the idea of framing a landscape that reflects all the panorama of “El Nevado”. With two identical shapes the project welcomes you as the entrance to a basement that leads you to the main viewpoint, separated by a winding path, the different shapes act as an elevated corridor that gives you a different view of the main element of the project; the lake.
With a multifocal view, the monochromatic material colors and all the natural context, this project could give a mix of feelings that people have been searching for during this season. the main idea of the project is to frame the view of “el nevado” with the different shapes and paths of the project working as a complement of all the natural context.
This place is about starting again. In this pandemic, people experienced a series of feelings; lack of freedom, loneliness, anguish. All caused by the inertia of life.
Respiro is about creating a space of reconnection with the natural environment.

Zarraga Leonel & Velazquez CristopherZarraga Leonel & Velazquez CristopherZarraga Leonel & Velazquez CristopherZarraga Leonel & Velazquez Cristopher

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