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Zsófia Senánszky

ID: 1069

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ID: 1069
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Contemplation internally and externally

There is an empty convent in Malaga waiting to be filled with life. The atrium once played the role of meditation and recreation in the lives of the votaries living here, and the church was the place of the community. My new function suggestion would like to reflect on these roles. I envisioned a market in the church, where the residents could rent a pavilion and sell their works or food. The inner garden appears as a space of inward reflection, amongst the plants, people can dive into their thoughts. A library migrates into the former living space. The entrance situation was precarious, so I created a new arrival point with an expansion. The entrance is marked by a covered transition space providing security. From here you can immediately access the cloakroom, then step inside to find yourself next to the information desk. We can then decide whether we want to go to the market, the library, or the garden. On the ground floor there is a communal sitting room from which you can enter the newly built wing.

Here is a variable study room, that can be turned into a creative pub or even an event space. We can meet different needs by moving the curtains. In this section, it is important that joint information processing can take place. In the library, the curtains made of Malagan textiles regulate the size of our spaces. There is also a separate entrance to the café, which can also be accessed via the library. This wing is pulled away from the old building, creating smaller inner gardens, which gives a meditative sight for the people and fills the space with even more light. On the way from the café to the garden, there is an exhibition space where local artists can show their work and it can serve as an inspiration for the resting souls. Upstairs there are individual resting and reading booths. Here, on one side, we can search on the shelves and then return to a booth to delve into our findings. In the newly built parts, wood plays a dominant role, it is made of CLT panels. In the reading booths, the entire interior is covered with wood paneling, giving a soft, calm surface. In the use of materials, I tried to keep the puritan appearance, so we can process the information that constantly flowing to us, in a calm, sincere environment.

Zsófia SenánszkyZsófia SenánszkyZsófia SenánszkyZsófia Senánszky

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