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Maria Napieralska & Zofia Krupa

ID: 1050

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ID: 1050
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As architects, we can use our voice through our projects to draw attention to the current situation in our country. Poland is a country with one of the most restrictive abortion laws in Europe, while at the same time it does not offer sufficient assistance to women who decide to have children. They usually face many problems: social ostracism, financial problems, pain after the loss of their husband or a severe mental condition due to the escape from her violent partner. Single mothers should be provided with a safe environment in which they can first take care of their mental state and then reintegrate into society and become financially independent. For this reason, we propose to adapt one of the abandoned buildings in Warsaw to the centre of a single mother. Rotary apartments, inhabited for 6 to 12 months, give women a chance to get on their feet and get support in a difficult life situation.

Building program
The key procedure is to elevate the building one level higher. In this way, we gain the first floor which is a semi-private space, providing a buffer between the public courtyard and the private residential area. On the first floor, there are two offices - one for the director of the facility, in the other women can use the help of a psychologist, lawyer or therapist. By the staircases, there are strollers rooms, a boiler room and a storage room for the recreation room accessible from outside the building. Thus that, the community gains space for workshops, film screenings or meetings integrating the local community. Thanks to such close vicinity of the common meeting place, women have the opportunity to take advantage of events organized locally, meet new people and reintroduce themselves into society.
The whole wooden, historic building is dedicated to women. This gesture is meant to signal that they deserve something special. On the first floor of the building, there are 4 rooms with bathrooms, each for one mother and child. Receiving own rooms prevents stagnation and is supposed to be a buffer between the lack of shelter and a self-rented apartment. On the first floor, there is also a shared laundry room.
On the top floor, in addition to two more women's bedrooms, there is a monospace room - a place for integration of all residents. In this way, they can make new friends, share responsibilities, prepare meals together - and feel that they are not alone with their problem. The kitchen is open to the dining room, next to which there are a TV corner and a library. From the staircase, you can also enter the mezzanine - the main place where children play together.
Our project gives women hope and a chance to create a happy family, even in a difficult life situation. However, we would like women to be able to make their own decisions about their body and starting a family.

Maria Napieralska & Zofia KrupaMaria Napieralska & Zofia KrupaMaria Napieralska & Zofia KrupaMaria Napieralska & Zofia Krupa

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