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Cristina Morales & David Roachford

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ID: 1020
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Los Angeles has a rich farming history, and if you keep an eye out, you can find small pieces of evidence throughout the city. The L.A. Terminal Market survived a century of wholesale produce trade, and is now part of Row DTLA. The City Market of Los Angeles acted as a central distribution center for produce farmers, and has transformed into City Market South. We aim to follow this produce-to-placemaking pattern with District Park Station.
Tucked away in the Fashion District of Los Angeles lies another remnant of this once-booming industry. On the corner of 12th St. and San Julian St is a modern Los Angeles staple: a parking lot. Yet, unlike most parking lots, this location has an abandoned truck loading dock that remains from the height of the produce distribution industry. An underutilized site in a busy neighborhood which is ripe for a second chance at life.
Our project aims to adaptively reuse this structure and surrounding space into an open air destination within the Fashion District. It will include an alley transformed into a unique dining experience, a platform revitalized to facilitate events like farmers markets and other outdoor activities, historic rail cars converted into grab-and-go dining spaces, and a cement lot converted into necessary greenspace. With completion of the Project, we aim to bring new opportunities for connection in this retail district.
It is important to take the community and social climate into consideration when revitalizing a space. As a structure within a commercial zone (C2), this revitalized space will be able to provide local workers and visitors with a destination for leisure and escape. Additionally, with a global pandemic changing the way Angelenos shop, dine, and spend time with one another, it would be beneficial to provide the community with a place to safely gather, while simultaneously paying tribute to a founding piece of history of the city. During a time when it is safer for small businesses to practice outdoors, this revitalized structure could be an important marker in keeping the local community thriving.
The Project would include the following features:
Two passenger rail cars located between the loading dock and the building to the north will provide food and drink for hungry patrons of the park.
The elevated platform can be used for a variety of activities like outdoor concerts, fitness classes, farmers markets, or al fresco dining. The space could also be used for private events like birthday parties or wedding receptions.
The grassy park and shade providing trees will help create much needed greenspace that will entice visitors from all over the Fashion District. The space can also help local businesses recover from the pandemic by providing open spaces for open air activity.
Enhanced lighting and furniture will provide a safe and comfortable space for all users at all times of day.
Through a partnership with the adjacent properties, the alley to the east of the Project boundary can also be greened with native plants and offer additional dining opportunities.

Cristina Morales & David RoachfordCristina Morales & David RoachfordCristina Morales & David RoachfordCristina Morales & David Roachford

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