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How to Build a Values-Driven Business

Hear from East Fork Pottery co-founder, Connie Matisse about what it takes to build a values-driven business.

Having clear values as a business in the marketplace is a challenge in navigating good intentions. In everything you do, make sure you are ready, informed, and honest with yourself and others. Building a values-driven business isn't a marketing ploy; it should be an honest journey.

You will make mistakes on this journey and you will learn; but hopefully you have spent time deciding what your values as a business are, so that you can stand back up from your mistakes and grow.

Reflection Questions

  1. What are the causes that are important to me?
  2. What causes am I informed about and well suited to speak out about?
  3. Am I ready for the inevitable challenges that will be made towards my position or values on this cause?

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