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Byungjun Cho blends cultures in adaptive reuse architecture.

Byungjun Cho's design was a finalist in the Adaptive Reuse Architecture Design Competition

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Your company, team, work, school, mission, etc.

My name is Byungjun Cho, I am Korean student and recently got a Masters degree from Bartlett School of Architecture in London.

What inspired you to enter the design competition?

Today the world has too many under designed buildings which are not able to perform their function. I think renovation and reuse of those buildings are the key to upgrade our built environment rather than rebuild it. In this regard, the competition is a good opportunity to explore the sustainable visions of the existing buildings.

What are some challenges you overcame in creating your design?

I think attaining a desired level of sustainability is the main challenge. I focused on building a sustainable future for the site, not only environmentally but also socially and culturally.

Byungjun Cho | DesignClassByungjun Cho | DesignClassByungjun Cho | DesignClassByungjun Cho | DesignClass