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Ryan's class is a valuable start to creating a children's book. His easy-going brief style introduces you to the basics and it's easy to get going from there. A great course - well worth your time.

Frank de S.

I'm not even starting a business, I just love East Fork and am always interested in getting a peek under the hood of their company. if I was starting a business, this series would be an enormous comfort and guide for me. They pose interesting questions and challenge you. They tell you what to prepare for when launching your own work and do so in an incredibly honest and informative way.

Hailey H.

You've given me some confidence to start over. I appreciate the examples and all the tips. Good luck on everything!

Amine K.

Really liked this course! Learned a lot about the process of making a children's book. Now I feel more confident and motivated to tackle my own project. Thanks, Ryan!

Veronica K.

DesignClass is an amazing platform. It feels very personal and authentic. It's different than other websites that are only about content, DesignClass is about people and community.

Jeremy M.

This is not the first class I've attended for illustrating children's books, but I must say that I learned a few things here as well. You have great handouts and the templates will be useful. I especially liked how you pointed out pros and cons about self-publishing.

Eleanor P.

This was a good primary. I would have liked to see more on illustration rather than publishing. I'm not ready to publish yet but it was well explained.

Ingrid K.

Incredible class, it's broken down into small digestible lessons, easy to follow along, and to catch up when you'd paused learning. It's divided into titles hence you can just go right to the ones that you need. Thank you.

Wandile M.
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